Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Bubbles & Bunting

Poor Project Pickled Pear, not forgotten, but certainly neglected.

For the past month and a half (has it been that long?!) I have been too lazy to write anything, or at least to finish writing anything. I have a stream of emails to myself of half-written thoughts on all the subjects I opened the Pickled Pear in order to explore, but I have been unable to find the commitment to complete any of them. Between mild bouts of sleep deprivation (full-time work does not sit well with me), the stress of handing-over at a previous job and then learning the ropes at a new one, along with all the usual enjoyable yet time-and-energy consuming activities of friendship and love (including our first wedding anniversary, happy anniversary to us!) I have learnt that exhaustion leads to apathy.

I'm not a disinterested person generally - I am politically passionate and get very emotional on at least a daily basis about the state of our world. My trouble is in settling to details - I get lost in generalities. This Project was begun because all the things I wanted to write about, all the things that I most cared about at that moment, fit within a certain spectrum. Since that time, that spectrum has seemed narrow and trivial... but then so do most things when I get down to really thinking about them. I envy people who can get into a singular cause and work passionately at it. I can't imagine ever finding any one cause "worthy" of my energy, and so I squander my anger and my ideas and creativity on, well, nothing much at all!

So, I have found myself in a state of apathy and decided this is not a good state to be in. But relaxation is still a must. So I forgive myself for not posting here, and I have waited for some passion to return. Unfortunately for Pickled Pear, the two things that have currently transfixed me do not involve writing.

Firstly, we are now enjoying the lead-up to a federal election. While I have very (VERY) set political ideals, and more than anything want my party to win, I also just ADORE the whole process of an election. When following the British election recently, I queried hubby, "is there ANYTHING more exciting than an election?!" He agreed that there was not, being a big nerd and even more political (if possible) than myself. This year I've signed us up to be very involved little rabbits, doing all we can possibly make time for (in the things I'm good at, ie. physical labour - absolutely; engaging in debate and talking when more than three people are listening to me - NO) to get our local candidate elected. And if I'm honest, my prime motivator is so that come election night, when we will join our party in a post-election gathering and over many glasses of cheap wine watch the results come in, I can get extra excited about any gains because I'll have helped with the work.

In the meantime, I have, temporarily at least, given up on being a writer, and am just loving being a READER. The pile of books by my bed usually represents a lot of things I've started, but which may never get read any further; but at the moment it is a list, a list of What To Read Next. We have moved bedrooms and I love our new space so much that all I want to do all weekend, and every evening, is lie on our bed, with its beautiful views of the city and the park, and read. And that's exactly what I have been doing. I get home from work, say hi to hubby, then head up to bed for a read. Then I read some more before sleep. I would read when I wake too, but I have to get to work. I've taken to baths several times a week (the bath has never been so well used!) simply because I can't read in the shower.

I'm sure the writing bug will kick in again for me... but for now it is all about enjoying what others have written. So farewell for now, happy voting and happy reading!

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