Sunday, January 29, 2012


On the eve of a certain problematic national holiday I encountered some of the opinions with which I still struggle. No doubt such opinions being expressed at this time are inevitable, but to have to listen to them so loudly at work seems unfair. But I am capable of generosity and have decided to understand their reactions rather than maintain my fury. As a shy type incapable of coherent verbal debate I have no other option in any case. :) Would that I could change their views. But with the garbage the media feeds them as 'news', I would have a very uphill battle even if I were the most skilled persuader on the planet. So I have done the one thing I am capable of, and analysed the situation in writing.
I have decided that working with people whose world view boils my blood is a learning exercise. It gives me an insight into the mindset of the channel-7- watching, west-australian-reading, boffin-fearing majority whom I would normally avoid associating with. 'Know thine enemy', as they say.

In any case, MY opinions are now due to be published on on Monday. :)

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Project Camping

Holidays are here!!!

I worked through the quiet Xmas / New Year period, and now, just as school is about the begin again, I am taking my holiday in peace. As of tomorrow we're out of the city, and as of Monday we shall be living in our tent. Two weeks of simple relaxation. Hoorah!

For various reasons I never got to go camping as a child, so I have discovered it as an adult. As a would be self-sufficient type it suits me perfectly. Just pack the car, and off to nature! I love the notion of bring-your-own shelter, of needing no infrastructure or even other humans to survive. And it's good for the soul. When I'm relaxing amongst the trees I start to believe I can live without material things, that the simple life is all I could ever need. Time in nature always restores my batteries... and restores my relationship with hubby. I've said many a time that I think I love him more in the forest. :) It also awakens my creative spirit, so writing implements and a camera are coming with me too. Indeed I hope to update this blog with my own photography when I return.

I am a girl who appreciates luxury, but I don't need it. One of the reasons I cut my own hair and keep it in a style that requires only the occasional wash and brush is this feeling of freedom. Several women have said to me recently they couldn't camp because they can't live without their hair-dryer or shower. To me that sounds like a hideous burden. I'll be spending my time swimming and walking, reading and writing; I just need a sturdy pair of shoes and a hammock.

We might fit in a bit of wine tasting too. But I promise to find a shower before I visit civilisation. :)