Sunday, January 29, 2012


On the eve of a certain problematic national holiday I encountered some of the opinions with which I still struggle. No doubt such opinions being expressed at this time are inevitable, but to have to listen to them so loudly at work seems unfair. But I am capable of generosity and have decided to understand their reactions rather than maintain my fury. As a shy type incapable of coherent verbal debate I have no other option in any case. :) Would that I could change their views. But with the garbage the media feeds them as 'news', I would have a very uphill battle even if I were the most skilled persuader on the planet. So I have done the one thing I am capable of, and analysed the situation in writing.
I have decided that working with people whose world view boils my blood is a learning exercise. It gives me an insight into the mindset of the channel-7- watching, west-australian-reading, boffin-fearing majority whom I would normally avoid associating with. 'Know thine enemy', as they say.

In any case, MY opinions are now due to be published on on Monday. :)


  1. Nice article Anne. Unfortunately the peanut gallery has found the comments section, but don't let'em get you down.