Saturday, May 5, 2012

Review: my husband

I'd like to make a brief departure from my 'independence' theme, to sing the praises of the wonderful man whom I share my life with, but rarely appreciate as much as I should.  A review, of my husband.

Life with David is a comforting and fun-filled experience marked by equal measures of silliness, passionate political ranting and thoughtful observations on life, the universe and everything.  The large number of puns may be too much for some tastes, but personally I have to admit to enjoying them as whimsical moments and reminders of childhood which make me believe that David will be a most wonderful and beloved father to any future children.  The constant cuddles and general physical affection may likewise be just too much for some, but leave this wife feeling very loved and cared for; a wife of David will never be left feeling unsure of his feelings, as many a wife is.  Indeed, most of the common complaints against husbands – lack of affection and compliments, lack of obedience, not sharing domestic duties, being uninterested in lengthy conversations – cannot be made of this husband.  If you’re looking for a highly organised and efficiently functioning model, or strict adherence to typical gender roles, then look elsewhere.  But if you want a carefree, stimulating, loving and equal partnership – with a decent salary to boot – then you could not look for better than this husband.

Five stars. :)