Thursday, November 14, 2013

On being a writer

I've been trying to write a piece about the weird state of being a writer, but readers will forgive me I think being a bit less than coherent 5 weeks into the new job of being a mother.  Fortunately, a facebook friend posted a gorgeous piece by someone else which beautifully explains much of what I wanted to say.  So, rather than attempting to complete an entire article in the moments between feeding / poop-cleaning / preparing equipment for feeding & poop-cleaning duties, for now I will simply share this lovely item with you all for your enjoyment and education.

The point is, I am in the very strange state-of-being that many a writer is in - of being an introvert (as explained most perfectly in said shared item below), and yet also being incapable of holding myself back from sharing my thoughts and even quite personal feelings publicly.  I can't say what it is that causes us to do this - mere narcissism, the need for validation, or a commendable calling to share our wisdom?  Perhaps fellow writers have a clue.  All I know is that I have to write - putting thoughts into words in non-verbal format is a simple compulsion - but why the need to share the results?  Whatever the cause, it does leave one in a slightly difficult situation.  I've shared myself, and then people (understandably enough) assume I'm open to interaction with them.

I respectfully share the following for your consideration. :)

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