Friday, March 20, 2015

Friday morning idyll

Some days I don't feel exhausted or overwhelmed by this parenting job at all.  Some days I am struck by how utterly perfect and beautiful my life is; how intensely lucky I am to have landed myself in this glorious position.  Today is one of those days.

5.30am.  Child awakes on cue for too-early wake-up soon to be trained out of.  Daddy gets up and feeds him back to sleep - Daddy can deal with consequences of early-morning bottle addiction.  Mummy went to sleep soon after 10 last night and slept through = full night's sleep.  Continues resting in bed.

6.15am.  Child awakes properly.  Mummy gets up.  "Good morning cherub!"  Open curtain, just enough light to be morning.  Little man has further bottle of water, sleepily plays in semi-dark room, practices new words.  "Book", points to top of shelf, Mummy selects correct book, happy face.  "Up", cuddles and animal-sounds on sofa.  Go find "Dada".

7am.  Daddy up, family together in lounge, child sorts crayons.  Eventually agrees to raspberry jam on bread in high-chair, submits to change of nappy, addition of trousers and "shooss" before heading "art".  Blue sky, cool breeze, pleasant walk.

8.30am. Mummy acquires coffee and the jam-donut she's been craving each morning all week.  Return through leafy streets to empty park with age-appropriate play equipment.  Child plays happily.  Mostly agrees to stay within park.  Mummy sits.  Coffee, sugar, willow-tree, breeze, beautiful child. Traffic calm - other adults at work in office buildings.  Follow child around park, engage in wonder.

9.30am.  Pleasant walk.  Isn't suburbia grand?  So I'm suburban, who cares?  Judge me at leisure, I'll continue in blissful pleasantness.  Trees and parks, people but not too many, a short train journey or drive to the city or the country.  Daddy still home, kisses, off to shops.

10.30am.  Child wanders shops, interested not crazy, Mummy follows, engages in wonder.  Mummy finds fabric required, little man flirts with strangers from safety of Mummy's arms, submits to leaving shops without any additional items.

11.30am.  Child falls asleep in car and stays down when moved to cot - result!  Mummy makes chicken salad, eats and reads, completes task with new fabric.

12.30pm.  Mummy writes blog-post while child continues sleeping.

Perfection. :)