Thursday, May 26, 2016

My son's "other"

It only occurred to me when writing, that Master-Two doesn't have a beloved teddy-bear - he has an alter-ego!  A filthy, bedraggled, cuddly alter-ego.  And in this case, Master-Two is the evil twin, Ted is the sweet one.  A recent case in point.

So, Master-Two didn't want to leave the doctor's office, on account of the toys (the multitude of nearly identical toys at home are NOT a substitute, okay?!)  A standard bribe was issued and reasonably well received: a visit to a playground on the way home.  I really felt too tired for a solo chasing of multiple toddlers in an open space, so I admit I was attempting to get out of the promised bribe when during the drive I asked "home?", and received the inevitable "not home, just PLAYGROUND!" response.

I felt, and said, that this was fair enough.  I did, however, explain that a nicer way of stating the same sentiment would be to say "not home, can we go to the playground please, Mummy?"  But Master-Two was to leave me in no uncertainty about who was in charge: "NOT 'please playground' Mummy, just PLAYGROUND!"  Right we are then.

Moments later, a spookily mirrored conversation was had in that same car-seat behind me.  "Ted", Master-Two asked, "would you like to go to playground?" (vocabulary and grammar improving exponentially lately), to which Ted replied sweetly, "yes please!"

"Ted must be rather more polite than you are", I noted.

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